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A New Look at Lead Gen

For marketing/cs/sales or finance leaders, Technology like XOi helps you focus on getting more revenue out of the customers you already have.

XOi is a tool that not only gives your technicians the ability to identify and communicate upsells in real time, it gives them the data to understand how to make a quick sale with identified end of life opportunities.

Our customers explain it best. Take a look at this video testimonial:

Believe it or not, HVAC businesses are using XOi as a marketing tool

  • They’re gathering benchmarks and promoting stats to prospects about how to improve their systems.
  • They’re using XOi to identify upsell opportunities in house.
  • They’re identifying the equipment exceeding useful life operations, and reaching out to customers to make quick sales on preventative maintenance contracts.
  • On average, XOi produces a 24% increase in revenue per service call
  • And a 20% increase in PM contracts

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