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Did AI Write This? Take the Quiz.

Can you tell if these work summaries were written by a technician or AI generated?

📝 We know from experience that the job summary/work summary portion of a Tech’s job can sometimes be a bit of a roadblock. AI can generate work summaries with ease, but does it actually help communicate the jobsite details your customers need?

Read through these summaries and see if you can spot which were written by AI or Techs:

Summary 1:
Today, I visited your HVAC system and performed a thorough inspection. Here’s what I found:

– Filter condition and size: Good, 20x20x1
– Ductwork: Dirty 
– Blower Motor Condition: Good.
– Capacitor for blower motor: Out of manufacture specs 
– Blower Wheel: Fair condition, needs cleaning and balancing 
– Flue safety port: Cleared of obstruction.
– Heat exchanger: Poor condition
– Transformers: Good.
– Limits: Good.
– Circuit Board: Good 
– Draft inducer motor Amps: 1.2.
– Flue Condition: Good.
– Gas valve and gas pressure: within manufacturer specs.
– Burners: Rusted.
– Flame sensor: Clean.
– Ignitor: Cracks.
– Condensate drain line: Clean 
– Drain line overflow protection: No.
– Carbon monoxide readings: 0.

Based on my inspection, I recommend cleaning and balancing the blower wheel, replacing the heat exchanger, and installing drain line overflow protection. I’m happy to provide you with a quote for these services. Thank you for choosing us for your HVAC needs!

Did AI write this summary?
Answer: YES! You may have thought this was written by a tech due to the succinct nature of the writing. But, it was generated by AI.

Summary 2:
Today, I conducted a thorough inspection of your HVAC system and have some important information to share with you.
I checked the filter condition and size, and I’m happy to report that they are in good condition. I also inspected the ductwork and found that it’s clean and free from any obstructions. Additionally, I measured the static pressure and found it to be within normal range.
I inspected the blower motor and capacitor and confirmed that they are both within the manufacturer’s specifications. I also inspected the blower wheel and it was clean and balanced.
To ensure your system is working effectively, I checked the temperature difference between the supply and return air and it was within normal range. I also cleared the flue safety port of any obstructions.
However, I did find that the heat exchanger is in fair condition and may need attention in the near future. The transformers and limits are both in good condition, as is the circuit board. The draft inducer motor amps are at .5, which is within the normal range.
I checked the gas valve and gas pressure and found that the pressure is within the manufacturer’s specifications. The burners are in good condition and the flame sensor is clean. The ignitor is also within manufacturer’s specs.
Lastly, I inspected the condensate drain line and found it to be clean. However, I did notice that the system does not have drain line overflow protection, which may be something you want to consider. Additionally, I checked for carbon monoxide readings and found 0ppm, which is a good sign of safe operation.
Overall, your HVAC system is in good condition, but the heat exchanger may need attention soon. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Did AI write this summary?
Answer: YES! This one is a bit easier to figure out. The summary is fairly formal, and follows a distinct formula to explain what was found on site.

Summary 3:
Today, I visited a customer’s site to perform HVAC maintenance and repairs. During my inspection, I found blown fuses and a grounded pump motor for the glycol condenser loop. This issue was causing the unit to trip on high head. To address the problem, I reworked the wiring to allow the good pump to run, regardless of the lead lag control command.

After reworking the wiring, I tested the unit and found that it was currently operating correctly. However, I informed the customer that a new motor for the pump would be necessary.

To summarize, the work I performed included:
– Troubleshooting the cause of the unit’s tripping on high head
– Rewiring to allow the good pump to run
– Testing the unit to ensure proper operation

If you have any further concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always happy to help!

Did AI write this summary? 
Answer: YES! This may have been another tricky one. This summary is clear and to the point, but has a lot of specificity about the problem and the steps taken to fix the problem. This kind of specificity cannot be generated by AI — the notes the technician takes during the job spurs the specificity needed to write this type of detail in the summary.

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