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Aire Serv of Little Rock Case Study

Aire Serv of Little Rock provides HVAC service, installation and maintenance to the Little Rock metro area, adhering to the same standards that have allowed Aire Serv to become the industry leader it is today—with nearly 30 years of national experience.



When Darren McWilliams became GM and HVAC tech for Aire Serv of Little Rock, he found himself at a crossroads.

“I had been an IT admin, electrician, in sales, etc. but had never worked on HVAC equipment. Suddenly I was thrust into a position of HVAC tech and GM. I knew I didn’t know what I didn’t know.



With the help of XOi, Darren and his team were able to tap into the deep well of experience they were initially lacking.

“Since day one, we have been able to call and video chat these guys and get concise help. They have been able to pinpoint the problems and send me down the troubleshooting steps to find the ultimate issue. A competent, patient voice on the other end of the line that is willing to stay on that call AS LONG as you need them.



After implementing XOi, Darren and his team have experienced much quicker service call turnaround times, even for brand new techs, improved ease of training, and consistent reinforcement of the correct order of operations.


Key Outcomes for the Aire Serv of Little Rock Team:

  • Less Time per Job = More Jobs Completed
  • Shorter Learning Curve = More Profitable Jobs
  • Ease of Process = Success in the Aire Serv System
Greater Little Rock, AR
Number of Techs
Number of Customers
Field Service Software Integration
XOi has turned us into a true HVAC company that fixes everything we come across or at least exhaust every possible fix before moving onto a replacement call. It has been a pleasure, we are on it for good!
Darren McWilliams
General Manager

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