Hollmeyer Case Study

Salem, Oregon (30 mile radius)

Number of Techs

Number of Customers
342 & growing

“In my previous role as a service foreman over a decent size crew, everyone was out doing their own role and job habits without XOi. Once implemented, the foreman and upper management gained a lot of insight into what our technicians were doing, quoting, troubleshooting, skill sets, etc., and we were able to standardize things into a more constant format for customers.”




Striving for the highest level of customer service and satisfaction, Hollmeyer is a full service HVAC company with over 25 years of experience in the HVAC field. From installation to service, maintenance and seasonal management, Hollmeyer’s goal is to maintain a lasting partnership with their customers by building mutual trust.

As an honest company with morals as their guideposts, Hollmeyer recognized the value of partnering with XOi to provide further transparency for their customers. The implementation of XOi has set Hollmeyer apart from other competitors as it provides further insight into the work and troubleshooting technicians complete while on site. By using the XOi Vision app to capture and share photos, videos, and additional job information via web easily accessible web links, Hollmeyer is able to provide visual proof of recommended and completed work to their customers.

“My guys are always finding a new way to work XOi into their daily routine,” said Chad Hollmeyer, Owner/President. “I’d say the biggest thing is our daily checkout process for service calls, maintenance jobs, etc. We email or text the hyperlink to our site contacts when leaving our sites with a status of the job whether it’s complete or a return visit is required.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Standardized Workflows & Processes
    Providing consistency for customers
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    Increased Job Visibility & Transparency
    Improving communication, credibility & trust with customers
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    Centralized Job Documentation Management
    Enabling remote job approval
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    Market Differentiation
    Expanding customer base

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