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Riddleberger Case Study


Founded in 1940, Riddleberger Brothers Inc., provides premier full-service plumbing, mechanical, service, controls, and design-build throughout Virginia and West Virginia. With over 75 years of experience, Riddleberger has a longstanding history of providing quality work and excellent craftsmanship.  

Committed to remaining up-to-date on the latest trends and mechanical contracting technology, Riddleberger adopted XOi as their main communication platform in order to enhance its overall service offerings. Since implementing the technology, the centralized system of record has created transparency amongst Riddleberger and its customers and improved the overall work quality of each job performed. 

By enabling visual documentation and detailed data capture, XOi has allowed Riddleberger to supply each customer with visual evidence and validation of all recommended and completed work. These results have been incorporated into the company’s service agreement proposals and quoting process, allowing a majority of jobs to be completed remotely. 

In addition, Riddleberger has utilized XOi’s Vision Live app to provide remote troubleshooting, training, and support to technicians in the field. The app has helped the company reduce second truck rolls by allowing senior technicians to virtually walk a greener technician through any issues they may encounter on the job – complete with live video, draw, point, circle, and zoom capabilities.

“XOi is a very valuable addition to our tool bag. It sets us apart from our competition,” said Wayne Gibson, Vice President Service Group. “The team at XOi does a great job taking care of us and making sure we have everything we need. They keep our team in tune with the latest developments and enhancements they’re continually making. They even worked with our team on a Tech Tool integration to create a better solution for our needs. That was huge for us!”


Partnering With XOi

  • Increased Transparency with Visual Documentation
  • Standardized Quality Control
  • Established Remote Proposal & Quoting Processes
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting through Remote Technical Support
  • Improved Customer Experience
Virginia and West Virginia
Number of Techs
Number of Customers
“It’s just a great tool. It’s a way for your customer to feel like they are standing right there with you, looking at the unit without actually having to be there. When I watch videos in the app, I feel like I’m right there too. I see everything that the tech sees, and to me that’s what makes it amazing.”
Office Supervisor

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