Vaughan Comfort Services Case Study

Mid & Southern New Jersey

Number of Techs
6 Service, 5 installers, 3 plumbers

Number of Customerss

“XOi is a value building app that is easy to use. It shows the customer that you care about their home and equipment and that you do what you say.”

Sales Manager


Since 1937, Vaughan Comfort Services has served the South Jersey Community as a full-service HVAC and plumbing company with a commitment to providing services with quality, integrity, honesty, and accountability. It is because of this commitment, value, and service, that customers have maintained a long lasting relationship throughout the years.

In order to improve and transform their customer experience, Vaughan sought an easy-to-use solution that would help build trust with customers. From the start, Vaughan saw the value XOi could bring their customers, helping Vaughan maintain its reputation for practicing honest business.

Since implementing the Vision app, Vaughan has further improved transparency and communication with customers. The app has set Vaughan apart from their competitors by enhancing and automating workflows and providing visual documentation through the use of photos and videos. This level of transparency has increased technician closing on recommendations, customer referrals and repeat business, return on investment, and closing rates.

“Customers can watch the videos and see what’s going on to easily resolve conflicts with visual proof,” said Dave Jennings, Service Manager. “You can’t lie from a picture. You can show the before and after workflows.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Increased Close Rate from 8% to 30%
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    Increased Transparency with Visual Documentation
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    Improved Customer Experience
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    Increased ROI by an average of 8%
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    Increased Customer Referrals & Repeat Business

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