W-Soule Case Study

Southern Michigan (100 mile radius)

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“XOi will continue to be at the forefront of all plans moving forward, especially given current affairs with social distancing and the future of remote workforce.”


Service Group Manager


Building on over 70 years of experience, W. Soule is a full-service custom fabricator and industrial mechanical company with over 425 employees. The company offers a full range of services including industrial process & power piping, custom metal fabrication and installation, millwright services, and 24- hour HVAC mechanical service.

The W. Soule team consists of a talented and dedicated group of craftsmen and professionals ever seeking to utilize new, tested and innovative ways to help customers achieve their goals. When searching for an online platform, the W. Soule team sought a modern solution to improve their customer experience and set the company apart from its competitors.

“With XOi, we now have a level of service that none of our competitors currently have,” said Scott Adler, Service Group Manager. “With that service comes transparency, understanding, clarity, validation, and protection.”

Partnering With XOi

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    Reduction in customer credits — proof in video form is worth its weight in gold
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    Increased customer satisfaction, referrals, and repeat business – the platform makes price less of a conversation and value more of a conversation
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    Market differentiation – utilize the platform as a sales tool to differentiate W. Soule from its competition
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    Real-time remote video support – reducing second truck rolls and saving estimators time
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    Dedicated XOi support team – quickly get techs up to speed on the platform and provide documentation and promotional materials to share with customers

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